76-Year-Old Woman’s Husband Dies. 2 Months Later, She Totally Changes Her Look To Start Over

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

After a lifetime together, there’s nothing more devastating than losing someone you loved dearly, especially if it’s a husband or a wife. When couples spend decades together, after a while, one is not the same without another.

So one can only imagine how 76-year-old Barbara felt when her husband died, and she was suddenly widowed. She went to live with her daughter for some time, and her daughter knew she needed a way to feel better.

As a longtime client of The Makeover Guy, she knew he was just the man she needed to help Barbara start over just two months after her husband’s death.

The stylist got to work, and by the end of her appointment, he had truly transformed her! The mom’s hair was made lighter and brighter and given more volume. Her makeup was done so perfectly, she looked years younger!

When she saw herself in the mirror again, she couldn’t help but smile. Barbara was simply elated and thrilled with her new look, and she definitely looks happier!

Just watch her transformation in the clip below — even her daughter is stunned by how great her mom looks.

Hopefully, this new look will help her heal by making her feel fabulous and loved.

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