Husband Divorces Her, Then Wife Notices Portrait On His Arm Is Transformed Into Devil

by Emerald Pellot
Emerald is a writer, illustrator, and a Libra.

Tisha found it endearing when her husband Matt tattooed a portrait of her face onto his arm. However, after four and a half years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce.

What Tisha did not expect was to see what Matt did to cover up the portrait. Tisha believes Matt changed the tattoo into a demon to get back at her.

“Going through this divorce has been devastating, but this tattoo has made it even more painful,” Tisha told Inside Edition. “I believe Matthew did it to hurt me. He could have covered the entire thing up out of respect for me [but instead] he turned me into his creature. I would rather have myself represented as I am, not as a demon.”

When Matt’s tattoo artist, Jojo Ackerman shared the photos on Imgur in April of 2016, many users were quick to stand up for Tisha.

“I’d be super grossed out to date a guy with a monster face of his ex wife. He should have just covered it up. Another stupid mistake,” one Imgur user wrote.

However, Matt says he has always used body art to illustrate how he is feeling. Divorce isn’t easy for anyone, and he couldn’t bear to look at his former wife anymore.

“Every time I go through something, we continue the work,” Matt said. “At the time I was pissed off and mad. It was a hard time going through divorce.”

Matt says the image is not of a devil but of a Japanese legend of Kiyohime. The story is about a woman who falls in love with a monk, but turns into a serpent when he tries to leave her. Matt chose something obscure because he wanted it to look as different from his wife as could be.

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