Young Wife Becomes Allergic To Her Husband And Is Forced To Live In Isolation Inside Their Home

by Amy Paige
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Scott and Johanna Watkins are the epitome of true love, as unconventional and heartbreaking as their story may be. Johanna, 29, is extremely sick; she is allergic to everything.

A few years back, Johanna started coughing as soon as Scott would come close. In fact, her condition would worsen whenever he entered the room. It got to the point she’d suffer anaphylactic symptoms around him.

Johanna was misdiagnosed 30 times before doctors realized she had a severe case of mast cell disease, which causes her body to develop life-threatening anaphylactic reactions to over 100 allergies, including foods, scents, and environmental triggers. There is no known cure. Strangely, the only people close to her who she isn’t allergic to are her three siblings, who have become her caretakers.

Scott and Johanna realized their lives would have to change dramatically, starting with their living situation. The young couple, madly in love, could no longer share the same physical space.

For the past year, Johanna has been living alone in a friend’s bedroom with sealed windows and doors, only communicating with her loved ones via Skype. Scott stayed in a room downstairs and would only see her when transporting her to doctor’s appointments or emergency rooms.

In the meantime, Scott has dedicated himself to the exhausting process of renovating a home in Minneapolis, five minutes away from Johanna’s current living space, that would serve as a brand-new safe haven for her. Driven by love and determination to be closer to her, Scott turned the top floor of the house into an apartment for him, and an allergen-free space for Johanna downstairs. The new rooms, new paints, new floors, and new furniture are heated and/or pressurized to kill any scents that make her sick.

A year after he began the project, Scott was ready to unveil Johanna’s new home. Watch the video below to find out what happened as soon as Johanna entered.

If you would like to learn more or help the Watkins in any way, visit their GoFundMe page.

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