Hurricane Laura Rips Down And Destroys Confederate Statue Days After Parish Votes To Keep It

by Amy P
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A couple weeks back, officials voted to keep a highly controversial statue that stood on the lawn of the Calcasieu Parish Courthouse in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The South’s Defenders Monument commemorated Confederate soldiers from the South and had stood there since 1915.

The statue, along with countless other Confederate monuments across the country, became the center of a heated debate throughout America in light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Many local residents wanted the monument to be taken down, saying that it glorified slavery.

However, parish authorities voted to keep it there.

But right now, the concrete pedestal is without its statue — and it’s not because of outraged protesters.

Hurricane Laura tore its way through southwestern Louisiana this week. It destroyed businesses and homes and claimed several lives in its wake.

The category 4 storm also decided the fate of this controversial statue, and now the story behind its destruction is going viral.

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