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No One Wants Skinny Puppy Abandoned In Hurricane Irma Until Reporter Shows Him On TV

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Hurricane Irma devastated Florida this fall, and people are still dealing with the effects of the storm.

Unfortunately, the storm displaced many people. It also displaced tons of animals, many of them pets who lost their homes just like their owners did.

Of course, some animals found new homes after the storm, like the starving white dog who showed up on a porch right before the storm and was welcomed in.

Although it’s been months since Hurricane Irma, there are still several animals looking for loving families to care for them.

One sweet puppy, who was referred to as Pluto, was looking for his forever home after the hurricane.

Sadly, he kept getting passed over.

Potential adopters ignored Pluto because he was too skinny and sad. Eventually, Kellie Rowe, a news reporter in Michigan, got wind of Pluto’s story and decided to share it on air.

Just a day later, Kellie got an email about Pluto that made her smile.

kellie tweet

On December 5, 2017, Kellie Rowe tweeted a picture of the sweet dog, and it quickly got a lot of attention.

Within just one day, the post had over 11,000 likes and over 3,200 retweets.

sad pluto

Kellie wrote:

This puppy Pluto was saved from Hurricane Irma but kept getting passed over by adopters because he was too skinny.

I reported about the v good boy and got an email the next day…. I’m not crying you’re crying

kellie rowe

The email Kellie received said:

We are so glad you shared his story.

We never would have found him. He is just as sweet as he looks.

kellie email

My husband is the biggest Gordie Howe fan ever. Pluto’s new forever name is Gordie Hound. Haha!

Happy Holidays and extreme gratitude for bringing Gordie into our life!

april gregory

April Cheesewright, who adopted Gordie Hound with her husband, Gregory Cheesewright, are absolutely in love with their new puppy.

On December 4, 2017, April shared pictures of Gordie on her Facebook page.

april gordie

April wrote:

Meet Gordie Hound, the newest addition to the Cheesewright family.

Gordie is a rescue from Hurricane Irma.

gordie hound

We’re so excited to share our life and love with him.

He’s such a sweet boy.

gordie dog

“God bless you for adopting a rescue! He is precious!” wrote one of April’s friends.

Another person wrote, “Rescues are the best. Congrats on the new addition.”

Kellie’s fans were so happy that she was able to help this little puppy find his forever home.

One person wrote, “That is AWESOME. Thanks for helping that handsome boy out… Looks like a perfect match!”

cute gordie

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