Hurricane Harvey Survivor Blows All 4 ‘Voice’ Judges Away With Gorgeous Bruno Mars Cover

by Giovanna Boldrini
Giovanna was born in Rome, Italy and currently resides in South Salem, New York. In her free time, she likes to cook with her children and grandchildren.

DeAndre Nico may have mind-blowing talent, but his offstage story might be even more awe-inspiring.

The singer just made his debut on The Voice, where he nailed a rendition of the Bruno Mars song “When I Was Your Man” — and received a four-chair turn from the visibly impressed judges.

But DeAndre’s road to The Voice stage was fraught with tragedy.

DeAndre’s family was directly in the path of Hurricane Harvey, which decimated much of the Texas coast last year. He and his family were stuck in their home for two days during the storm without food, water, or electricity.

When they were finally rescued, their house was deemed too damaged to be habitable, and it was eventually foreclosed on.

“Since the hurricane, all I’ve been doing is gigging and sleeping on couches,” he said, tearing up.

“That’s really all I have, is music.”

Safe to say, things are finally looking up for DeAndre. Check out his stunning performance and the best reactions below!

DeAndre has been performing for a long time.

DeAndre has been performing for a long time.

The 22-year-old has actually already put out an album, and he lists himself as a “prophetic minstrel” on his website.

According to his parents, as a child, DeAndre “would rather beat on pots and pans, act as our church drummer, or use a bottle of oil to anoint everyone that came into our home than play normal games.”

Safe to say, he won’t have to resort to pots and pans anymore — DeAndre’s made it to the big leagues!

Check out the performance that rocked the judge's worlds:

You’re going to want to turn the volume up.

While all four judges gave DeAndre the swivel of approval, the choice came down to Team Jennifer or Team Adam.

Fans immediately began going nuts on Twitter.

It was a prayer hands emoji-worthy performance.

Combine those pipes with his inspiring struggles, and we have a bona fide early favorite!

Everyone's showing off their association with DeAndre.

Everyone's showing off their association with DeAndre.

His new teammate on The Voice was quick to show off this selfie of the two, already bro-ing out.

But which team did DeAndre land on?

That’s right: DeAndre chose Team Adam. It sounds like that might have been his first choice no matter what, but the fact that Adam turned around first couldn’t have hurt.

Twitter fans were just as excited for Adam as they were for DeAndre — the coach’s original tweet is flooded with notes of congratulations to them both.

Could Adam finally retake the show’s crown with DeAndre’s talent on his side?

It's probably too early to assume this young man is going to bring a championship home.

It's probably too early to assume this young man is going to bring a championship home.

But after the initial reception — not to mention the incredible odds he’s already overcome in life — we’re definitely not betting against him.

Especially when he’s getting reactions like this!

Best of luck to DeAndre with the rest of the competition!