Frantic Mom Writes ‘SOS’ On House During Hurricane Harvey, Then Sees Familiar Face Staring Back

by June Rivers
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Karen Brown is a police dispatcher in Texas who worked tirelessly during the start of Hurricane Harvey. By the time she got home, the water started rising, and it eventually trapped her inside her Houston house — along with her husband and their 6-year-old son.

Their ground floor was completely flooded, and their roof began to collapse.

The Browns called 911, but the phone lines were tied up. In a panic, Karen called her sister, Sherina, to tell her they were in desperate need. Sherina’s husband, Cameron, knew he needed to do something and fast — but they lived over an hour away.

Cameron’s friend agreed to drive him all the way to the Browns home in an effort to save them. The two men put their own lives at risk in the process.

By the time they reached the neighborhood, they could only get in by boat. In another act of unexpected kindness, a stranger loaned them a boat to get through.

In the harrowing clip below, Cameron and his friend approach Karen, who is stranded with her son in her truck parked outside. The vehicle was sinking in the front yard just as the heroes arrived, and since they didn’t know if anyone would come to help them, they scribbled “SOS” in giant red letters on the garage door.

Incredibly, Cameron made good on his promise to save her.

Update: Though Karen and her family have lost all of their belongings, they are now safe… thanks to this brave brother-in-law.

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