Here’s How Older Adults Can Prepare For Hurricane Florence

by Giovanna Boldrini
Giovanna was born in Rome, Italy and currently resides in South Salem, New York. In her free time, she likes to cook with her children and grandchildren.

Hurricane Florence is getting ready to strike the East Coast. While all tropical storms require diligence, the strength of Florence and its terrifying potential for destruction should be cause for even more precaution than normal.

Older adults in particular are at risk in situations like this. There are simply more considerations, both in terms of comfort and survival, for the older generations. For example, make sure you have plenty of prescription medication stocked up in case you’re unable to find an open pharmacy after the hurricane. It could make all the difference.

In the same vein, ensuring you have a basic first-aid kit with you is essential. First responders are likely going to be swamped, and being able to provide basic or temporary care for small injuries is essential.

Also, make sure you have insurance cards with you wherever you go — should a medical emergency happen, you don’t want to worry about proof of insurance.

Additional things to keep in mind are spare eyeglasses and, if necessary, enough oxygen on hand so that you won’t be dependent on anyone but yourselves.

There are also considerations about what you should and shouldn’t leave behind if you’re evacuating. Be sure to toss out anything that will spoil — not just for its own sake, but to keep mold and rot off everything else in the house. You don’t want to survive a major storm only to catch food poisoning when you get home!

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