Woman Leans Over Bridge Into Flood Below, Uses Net To Rescue Drowning Bats From Hurricane Harvey

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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Hurricane Harvey is one of the biggest, scariest natural disasters to hit the United States in my lifetime.

As Texas is devastated by rain, flooding, and fire, people from all over the world have been rushing to help. Strangers on social media are reaching out for those who can’t get help, and first responders are sacrificing everything to save lives.

As people are being pulled to safety, animals are also in need of help. I thought about the dogs and cats that need rescuing during this disaster, but there’s one animal I never thought about: bats.

I figured that because bats and birds could fly, they would have the easiest time getting out of danger.

As this video shows, though, even animals with wings need help sometimes.

According to CBSDFW, Alicia Plunkett is the woman seen in the clip below. She risked her own safety to make sure that all animals were staying safe.

As water reached the top of bridges in Houston, the bats who roost there were at risk of drowning. Alicia and others made it their mission to help them survive.

I think this is so brave! It’s really important that all animals get the help they need in such a scary, dangerous moment. I’m glad Alicia was there to make sure no one was forgotten.

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