Hungry Little Puppies Chow Down On Dinner, But Can’t Help Eating From Their Friends’ Bowls Too

by Tasina Berkey
Tasina has worked in radio broadcasting and online blogging. She enjoys long walks on the beach.

These adorable puppies can’t seem to get enough of their puppy chow. They keep trying to steal from each other’s bowls!

The three little babies certainly look like they’ve had an appetite for a while. They keep trying to pack it all in!

While all three dogs are munching down, the puppy on the right sneaks over to plunge his hungry mouth into his sibling’s bowl.

The middle puppy has no choice but to clear his turf thanks to his eager and hungry brother. But no need to worry!

The middle puppy saw an opening and made his way over to his brother on the right’s bowl. Talks about karma!

The who debacle didn’t do anything to halt the puppy all the way at the other end. That little guy is best in his own world. He’s probably the oldest and is just trying to ignore his little brothers.

Come on guys! At the end of the day all of you guys have is each other so spread the brotherly love!

How about you guys share the love and a bit of puppy chow among each other while you’re at it?

Check out the video for yourself to see these excited fur-balls  chow down!

Do your puppies fight over food when it’s lunch time? Let us know!

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