California Couple Is Absolutely Wowed When A Curious Humpback Whale Takes A Chance To Say Hello

by Karen Belz
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Whales are magnificent creatures. So magnificent, in fact, that people go on tours just to be able to see them in action.

A couple from Newport Beach, California, didn’t need to pay any sort of admission price for the show they got on April 26. While most of us were practicing our social distancing, a curious humpback whale didn’t get the memo. Fearlessly, it swam up close to their boat and gave them a fabulous show.

Humpback whales are gigantic, so it’s good that it didn’t manage to tip over the boat — or get close enough to be a severe danger. Live Science states that their weight can reach up to 40 tons.

Many whales of this type are also a huge fans of travel. Often when the weather gets sunnier, they’re found in areas like the Gulf of Alaska or the Gulf of Maine. While they often travel together, many of them are fine traveling by themselves — and it seems, based on the footage, that this humpback whale may have been solo. Perhaps he was just looking to make some new friends during his swim.

Since not many of us get to see whales at this level, it can often be alarming to realize how massive they really are. But most of them are also quite majestic, and a very important part of the ocean. Without whales, our world would change. In fact, National Geographic has actually considered the whale to be “essential ecosystem engineers.”

Watch the video to see how beautiful whales — especially humpback whales — truly are.

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