Diver Is Stunned When Monstrous Whale Swims Up To Him, Then Gives Him A Gentle High-Five

by Olivia Jakiel
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Picture this: You’re minding your own business, enjoying a relaxing day in the deep blue sea, rhythmically wading in the open water while the gentle laps of the waves lull you into a peacful trance, when all of a sudden, a FREAKIN’ HUMPBACK WHALE decides to join your party.

Way to harsh your mid-ocean mellow, right?


Well, that’s exactly what happened to 35-year-old Russian diver Mike Korostelev. OK, maybe the aforementioned scenario wasn’t exactly what happened, but we digress. Mike told Caters News he was on a photography journey with a group of other divers, when all of a sudden, a group of gigantic humpback whales decided to join their underwater picture party.

“As you can see in the pics, sometimes the mums have an escort — an adult male whale who guards the mum and kid,” Mike said.

“The whales behave differently with humans — but they are never aggressive. Sometimes the adults just don’t notice you, but the baby whales are very curious and try to play with you.”

He continued, “So this means you are all the time being hit with flippers or tails. This time something unusual happened. A couple of adult whales got curious and started to play with the divers.”

What a magical moment indeed! Check out the video below to see the whales and diver in action.

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