Hugh Hefner Put Strict Rules In Place That Widow And 4 Kids Must Follow To Receive Trust Funds

by Caralynn Lippo
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Almost three months after Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s death, documentation outlining how his estate will be managed has come to light — and it includes a few surprising details.

The Blast obtained trust documents regarding the management of the media mogul and pop culture icon’s fortune. The most interesting section is Article 19, titled “Substance Abuse.”

This section states that any beneficiary that “frequently uses or consumes any illegal substance […] or is clinically dependent upon the use of alcohol or any other legal drug” without proper prescriptions from a medical professional will be terminated from the trust — meaning they will not be eligible to receive their piece of Hugh’s money. Beneficiaries to Hugh’s estate include his four kids (David, Christie, Cooper, and Marston) and his widow, Crystal.

The trust document also gives the trustees the ability to request a drug test if they suspect one of the beneficiaries is in violation of this clause. The trustees can also request that a beneficiary seek treatment if they suspect drug or alcohol abuse.

But Hugh also left open the option for a beneficiary suffering from substance abuse to earn their way back in. They can do this by remaining sober for 12 months and proving to the other trustees “that the beneficiary is able to care for himself or herself and is able to manage his or her financial affairs.”

According to People, Hugh initially created the trust on May 21, 1991 and was the initial trustee until his death. His youngest sons — Marston, 27, and Cooper, 26 — are eligible to become co-trustees at the age of 30.

It’s no surprise that Hugh wants to ensure his family doesn’t fall victim to substance abuse after his death.

Speaking to Interview magazine in 2012, Hugh voiced his disdain for illicit substances:

“I’ve hated cocaine from the very outset. I’ve seen cocaine as a very, very hurtful drug. It changes people’s personalities. It is one of the most habit-forming drugs, and I’ve seen it seriously hurt the lives of a number of friends. […] What I have to say about alcohol and tobacco is that it kills people.”

Hugh died at the age of 91 in late September. Previous reports stated that Crystal had been left out of Hugh’s will due to a prenuptial agreement, but these new documents seem to make clear that she is still a beneficiary of his trust and will receive some of his money that way.

What do you think of the stipulations in Hugh’s trust document?

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