Judge Asks Son If He Wants Mom To Adopt Baby Girl, Then He Answers ‘No’ And Makes Everyone Laugh

by Emerald Pellot
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It all happened in a family courtroom. Chris and Katie Baker were there with their two sons, Camden and Hudson, to make one special thing official: the adoption of 4-month-old Annalyn Baker.

The couple had flown from their home in Florida out to Arizona just to meet their baby girl. It was love at first sight. The adoption was private, and the Bakers understood that the family who was allowing them to adopt Annalyn was making a massive decision.

“Holding her for the first time didn’t feel any different. We knew she was ours,” Katie said. “They are making a sacrifice. It’s humbling to us.”

The family was meeting with Collier Circuit Court Judge Joseph Foster to finalize the adoption. However, the family did not expect their son Hudson to have such strong opinions about the matter.

The judge asked 5-year-old Hudson if he wanted a new little sister. Hudson shook his head and exclaimed “No.”

The entire courtroom paused in shock, then burst out in laughter. The little guy didn’t fully understand what was happening — Katie knew he didn’t really mean that.

“He’s the one who loves sissy so much,” Katie Baker said.

The family plans on teasing Hudson about his response for years to come. As for Annalyn, she now gets to spend the rest of her life knowing that her birth parents made a tremendous decision to better her future. She’ll see that every day with her special adoptive family.

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