12 Ways You Can Repurpose Old Tires

by Angel Chang
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The best part about carrying out DIY projects is being able to recycle used or old parts of materials — essentially, the parts of an object that would otherwise be considered useless.

Next time you’re ready to discard something that’s seemingly out of use or worthless, try to reconsider — like I’m beginning to discover more and more, these objects can be broken down and finely repurposed.

One such object is the used tire. It is often overlooked, and thrown out immediately. If you’re willing to let those creative juices flow, just for a second, and consider what these tires could be transformed into, you’d be amazed — I know I certainly was.

In the end, no matter what material you’re working with, the important part is to re-imagine the end product and to list the ways in which repurposing could benefit you and your living space.

Scroll further to discover the many fantastic ways you can redesign any old tire — and make it completely beautiful.

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1. Turn any old tire into a medieval-inspired ceiling chandelier.

DIY upcycle tire chandelier

2. Adorn your bedroom or hallway wall with an uncomplicated tire mirror frame.

DIY tire mirror frames

3. Kids will love the half-tire hammock — it can be perfect as an addition to the backyard playground.

DIY tires hammock

4. Short of storage space? No worries. This upcycled tire umbrella stand has you covered.

DIY tires umbrella stand

5. Transform a couple of old tires into an outdoor lounge furniture set.

DIY tires furniture

6. Fashion your own scarecrow out of unused tires with just paint and a few accessories.

DIY upcycle tires scarecrow

7. Repurpose unwanted tires and make coffee tables out of them. The best part? Storage space can be added.

DIY tire coffee tables

8. Kids will love upcycled playful tire swings. They can take any form, from animals to motorcycles!

DIY tire swings

9. With a few materials and attachments, beautifully embellished ceiling lamps can be made from old tires.

DIY tire intricate lamps

10. Add some flair to your backyard with a simple half-tire seesaw.

DIY tire seesaw

11. Looking for ways to decorate your lawn? Try taking old tires and making elegant swans out of them.

DIY upcycle tire swans

12. Last, but not least, endeavor to construct this amazing tire fort.

DIY tire upcycles

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