8 Ways To Tell If Your Home Is Haunted

by Angel Chang
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Most people believe in ghosts. Even if you don’t, you’re bound to be somewhat fascinated — and understandably spooked — by the paranormal.

Now that we’ve learned about the country’s 10 spookiest, most haunted cities, it’s time to examine one particular place that’s closer to you.

Yes, that’s right — we need to find out exactly how we can identify signs that your home might be haunted.

In an exclusive guide below, we walk you through unique ways to tell if your home is haunted. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re being put in danger or that you’ll have to evacuate your home if you spot these signs.

These aged spirits are a part of your dwelling and most likely would want nothing more than to coexist with you in harmony. However, they’ll be sure to venture out and move around in the house once in a while, just to give you a good scare…

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1. Unexplained Shadows

Signs your house is haunted

Many people claim to have witnessed the movement of shadowy figures in their homes. An indicator of ghost activity, shadows are one of the main properties of a paranormal entity.

Sometimes, you may fleetingly spot something strange out of the corner of your eye. This may be some odd dash of color, a weird shape, or a sharp movement.

Also watch out if visually sense outlines, black masses, and silhouettes in the shape of humans or any other moving creature.

2. Changes In Pet Behavior

2. Changes In Pet Behavior

Possessing infinitely heightened senses, animals can absolutely detect abrupt or disturbing changes in their environment.

If your pet continuously fixates her stare on something across the room, or barks repeatedly at an empty spot, this could point to a paranormal presence.

You may also find that your pet will suddenly refuse to enter a room that she normally spends so much time in. Thanks to our pets’ psychic capacities, we humans can become more aware of our own surroundings.

3. Electronic Disturbances

3. Electronic Disturbances

Unusual electronic disturbances can also mean that the energy in your house is slightly off-balance.

Maybe the lights will flicker on numerous occasions for no reason, or maybe your television will skip channels by itself.

The screen on your phone or tablet may black out without reason, or your radio may experience long periods of static.

4. Strange Noises

4. Strange Noises

Another way that paranormal beings manifest themselves is through sound  whether through music, voices, or bangs.

If you’re hearing banging, rasping, things being knocked over, or scratching of surfaces in your home, beware.

At night, you may sometimes even hear the sound of footsteps in the hallway, or whispers and grumbling noises.

5. Items Disappearing And Reappearing

Signs your house is haunted

We often think that we lose items because we are forgetful. While that may be true, but sometimes, w can’t seem to find items in places where we usually leave them.

We circle back and forth, and a few minutes later, see that they’ve “appeared” again in the same exact spot.

Other items — car keys, your cell phone, the TV remote control, or your wallet — may turn up in the strangest places. You might open the fridge one day and see your glasses sitting on the top shelf.

6. Weird Smells

6. Weird Smells

Foul odors may stem from the kitchen or bathrooms — but not all smells can be explained.

If you happen to smell sharp, distinct fragrances — like a perfume, cologne, or tobacco smoke — they may be the sign of something paranormal.

These smells may be accompanied by shadows, unexplained voices, or may stand alone.

7. Cold Or Hot Spots

Signs your house is haunted

One classic way to feel a paranormal presence is through sudden changes in temperature.

You may feel the room shifting from hot to cold, or tense up when you feel that one specific area of the room is chillier than the rest.

When spirits are present they absorb the energy around them, leaving no warmth for the people around them.

8. Sensations Of Being Watched Or Touched

Signs your house is haunted

Do you ever feel like someone is tugging, gently pushing, or pulling you when no one else is around? This could be a sign that haunted spirits are near you.

Of course, try to rule as many factors out as possible. There may have been a gust of wind as you opened the door or windows. You may have walked past a kitchen table and accidentally scraped your pants on the table legs.

But sometimes, these sensations might feel truly frightening — when you feel a slight brush on the cheek, or a distinct tap on the shoulders…

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