11 Ways To ‘Spring Clean’ Your Mind, Body, And Life!

by Angel Chang
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If you’re anything like me, then you’re probably gearing up for a comprehensive spring clean.

We do this every year, and yet, it can always seem like a daunting task.

And though there are plenty of handy spring cleaning tips out there to follow, the key to successfully clearing out the clutter in your life is to first feel physically and mentally well.

But despite our best efforts to clean our homes and workspaces, how often do we take the time to clean out our bodies and minds? After all, they need our attention, too!

In an exclusive look below, we’ll go through some of the easy, step-by-step ways to really spring clean your mind and body — which can help us all to live happier, healthier lives.

From ridding yourself of toxic relationships to crushing negativity to confronting your worst fears, these tips will help you see the good in your life, and help you move forward in a productive manner.

Scroll on to find out how you can clear out the clutter in your life, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Where Do You Start?

How to spring clean your life
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It’s finally springtime. Fresh flowers, grassy meadows, gentle morning breezes… And three months of junk in your home to sort, clean, and organize.

But your home isn’t the only thing that could use a good, thorough cleaning! Your mind, body, and lifestyle could also benefit from some attention this spring.

Below, we’ll take a look at a couple ways you can ditch the clutter in your mind, and adopt a healthier attitude in life — for this spring, and all the seasons to follow!

Things To Throw Out
1. Clutter

How to spring clean your life
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Is your living or work space not nearly as clean and tidy as you want it to be?

The physical clutter around you can have quite a profound, negative effect on your life. It can keep you from thinking clearly, and stifle your creativity and productivity.

Take time to clear out all your shelves, storage spaces, and cabinets, and get rid of anything you’re never going to use again.

Label and organize everything so you can access it without thinking or fretting. Trust us, you’ll feel better.

2. Self-Doubt

How to spring clean your life
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Have you ever wanted to do something, but then said to yourself, “No, I can’t. That’s not possible.”

Now is the time to dispel such negative thoughts — especially if they’re holding you back!

Try to understand where the apprehension is coming from, and then ask yourself why you are holding on to this belief. Once you’ve identified the source, find the ways to work around it.

If it’s a physical limitation, figure out how can you achieve your goals without full mobility. If it’s an emotional limitation, challenge yourself to face your fears head-on, so you can slowly gain confidence.

You can do this!

3. Bad Habits

How to spring clean your life
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Do you have any bad habits that slow you down, or hold you back from feeling clear-headed and in control?

From smoking, to excessive drinking, to poor eating choices, to even something like watching too much TV — identify the habits that could be slowing you down.

To begin to break these bad habits, come up with a plan of action that fits your lifestyle and puts you on the path to success.

Ease into it, or go cold turkey — whatever you can to make the important changes in your life. (Remember, you can do it!)

4. Negative News

How to spring clean your life
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We’re constantly bombarded by extremely negative news, whether on the internet, the TV, or the covers of magazines and newspapers.

Spending too much time absorbing negative news can really bog down your mind and spirit.

To turn this around, try spending more time on positive news sites (like!) — and try to tailor what you see on your Facebook and social media feeds.

5. Fears

How to spring clean your life
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We all have fears — and that’s totally natural and healthy.

But it’s important to step outside of our comfort zones from time to time. We can do this by safely and slowly challenging ourselves to face what makes us scared, nervous, or anxious.

While we might not be able to completely rid ourselves of our fears, it’s important that we have the tools to handle them.

So if you’ve ever wanted to take that knitting class, or approach that cute guy at the gas station, or call up that relative you haven’t spoken to in years — now is the time to take baby steps toward that goal!

6. Toxic Relationships

How to spring clean your life
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They criticize, belittle, and bum you out. They’re toxic friends, and they can definitely be a burden on your life.

It may sound a little harsh, but the truth is, these people need to go.

While you’re cleaning out the rest of the dirt and clutter from your life, go ahead and detach yourself from anyone who hurts you, ruins fun times, or makes you feel small.

There are plenty of kind, loving people out there, just waiting to meet someone as wonderful as you!

Things To Add
1. Gratitude

How to spring clean your life
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With all of life’s challenges, it can sometimes be very hard to see all the wonderful things in your life.

This spring, take the time to sit down and make a list of all those little things you love and appreciate, but don’t often acknowledge.

Whether you do this daily, weekly, or monthly, it’s good to sit down and make a physical list of things or people that make you happy, make you laugh, or just make you grateful to be alive.

2. Creativity

How to spring clean your life
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You might think you can’t draw, write, sing, dance, knit, or even finger paint — but the truth is, you can! Anyone can.

All you need is a safe and comfortable place to practice, and a free imagination — which no doubt you have!

Just don’t criticize yourself, or compare yourself to others. Let whatever wants to come, come. The important thing is just to have fun and let go!

Try a little bit every day, and keep it to yourself if that helps you.

3. Fruits And Veggies

How to spring clean your life
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Now, before you get alarmed and think, “Does this mean I have to diet?” — know that it does not!

Crash diets and fad diets can sometimes be just as unhealthy as the fattening foods we try to avoid — so instead of taking foods out, just try adding good foods in!

By adding spring produce like beets, celery, citrus fruits, watercress, apples, and cruciferous vegetable — which are rich in liver-detoxifying enzymes — your body will thank you.

4. Goals

How to spring clean your life
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You may have had a list of New Year’s resolutions ready to go at the beginning of the year.

But, by now, that list might have found itself lost in a drawer, or perhaps at the bottom of a trash can…

Don’t give up. Dig that list back up, or rewrite it entirely. If you slip sometimes, or don’t hit all your goals on time, that’s OK!

The important thing is just to keep your goals in sight, no matter how long it takes you to reach them!

5. Healthy Relationships

How to spring clean your life
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Whether it’s reconnecting with an old friend, or venturing out to make a new one, it’s time to welcome healthy relationships into your lives.

These include friendships or romances that make you feel good, strong, confident, and happy — the complete opposite of a toxic relationship.

Remember, this can also include family members, too — so if there’s someone you want to reconnect with, now’s the time! Face your fears, let go of the doubt, and embrace the future!

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