He Puts Butter In A Ziplock Bag, But You Have To See The Reason Why! Genius!

by Julie Roberts
Julie lives in greater New York with her husband and dog. Cooking, gardening, traveling, and being as active as possible are some of her favorite hobbies. She is not a big fan of TV - except maybe The Food Network.

There are lots of little life hacks that truly do make our lives better.

Whether it’s someone teaching us how to fold a fitted sheet in 30 seconds, or all the ways in which out regular bathroom products can do double duty, there’s nothing better than learning something that actually saves you time and money when it counts.

This video has a tip for anyone who’s ever needed softened butter immediately! You know, you’re getting all your ingredients ready for something, and then you actually read the recipe and realize it calls for room temperature or softened butter. What do you do? Sticking it in the microwave isn’t the best option. Cutting it up is fine, but what if there was a faster – and frankly, a more fun – way to get softened butter for all your baking needs?

If you’ve got a plastic bag and a rolling pin, you can now immediately take your cold butter up a few notches!

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