How To Get Rid Of A Hickey The Fast And Easy Way

by Rebecca Endicott
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Do you know how to get rid of a hickey? Hickeys are dark bruise-like marks on the neck and chest.

They’re also called “love bites.” That’s because hickeys are usually a result of an enthusiastic kissing session. It’s fun to give someone a hickey or get one in return, but the end result can be painful and a little embarrassing.

In fact, in at least one shocking story, an ordinary hickey proved to be truly dangerous. Of course, most love bites aren’t risky, just unsightly. That’s why it’s always useful to know how to get rid of a hickey fast.

There are dozens of different ways to get hickeys to go away overnight. Usually, a hickey develops because of a passionate kiss on the neck or chest that breaks blood vessels.

In order to remove a hickey fast, you just need to heal the damage, or find an effective way to cover up the love bite.

Scroll through below to learn the fastest way to get rid of a hickey.

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What Is A Hickey?

how to get rid of a hickey what is a hickey
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According to WebMD, a hickey is “essentially a bruise created by sucking or biting the skin until the blood vessels below the skin break.”

Most people get hickeys after indulging in a passionate kissing session. When things get heated, the suction of an intense kiss on the neck or chest can leave a hickey in its wake.

Hickeys usually don’t cause any pain, but they can be embarrassing and difficult to conceal.

In very rare cases, they may cause dangerous health problems.

#1: How To Get Rid Of A Hickey With A Cold Spoon

how to get rid of a hickey cold spoon
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Get rid of a hickey fast by applying a cold spoon to the sore spot.

Chill a spoon in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Don’t use the freezer or it may become too cold.

Then, gently stretch out the skin of the affected area, and hold the spoon firmly against it until it warms up.

Repeat as needed.

#2: Remove A Hickey Fast With A Banana

how to get rid of a hickey banana
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According to Fox News, “Bananas are a great source of the super-protective compounds kaempferol and quercetin. These compounds have been extensively studied, and are known to protect cells, reduce inflammation…[and] enhance blood circulation.”

Perhaps that’s why they have such a reputation for making hickeys disappear!

To get rid of a hickey fast, try applying a piece of fresh banana peel to your skin and taping it in place for about 15 minutes to reduce the bruising.

#3: Get Rid Of Hickeys Overnight With Toothbrush

how to get rid of a hickey toothbrush
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If you have a hickey, you can also try gently exfoliating the surface of your skin with a toothbrush.

When a hickey forms, blood sometimes pools under the skin from broken blood vessels.

When you abrade the area gently with a toothbrush, it can help encourage better blood flow, which carries away some of the reddish color of the bruise.

#4: Make A Hickey Go Away With A Coin

how to get rid of a hickey coin
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This home remedy for hickeys should only be tried with extreme caution.

Some people swear by using a coin to get rid of their love bites.

To use this method, chill the coin in the fridge a few minutes, then stretch your skin gently and rub the coin over the spot.

Some people report that this method is painful, so it’s a good idea to be very cautious and gentle if you decide to give this method a shot.

#5: Make A Hickey Disappear With Toothpaste

how to get rid of a hickey toothpaste
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Toothpaste is designed to clean your mouth and leave behind a minty fresh feeling. You may not have realized that the refreshing zip of toothpaste can also help with hickeys!

The tingly minty-fresh feeling of toothpaste is great for stimulating blood flow under the skin.

That can help reduce inflammation and redness from a hickey, and encourage the broken blood vessels to heal faster.

#6: Hide Your Hickey With Makeup

how to get rid of a hickey cover it
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Sometimes, it’s impossible to get rid of a hickey completely. You have to give it time to heal.

When that happens, it’s a good idea to try to hide your hickey instead!

Makeup is a good first step. If you have concealer that matches the skin on your neck, and your hickey isn’t too big, a coat or two of makeup should hide your hickey.

#7: Cover Up Hickeys With A Scarf

how to get rid of a hickey scarf
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You can also cover up a prominent hickey by grabbing a scarf to wrap around your neck.

In the winter, a scarf makes a chic fashion accessory that no one will look at twice, and it’s easy to manipulate the fabric.

That way, you can easily cover up a hickey, whether it’s one big one or a group of smaller ones.

#8: Use A High Collar To Conceal Hickeys

how to get rid of a hickey high collar
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If your hickey is relatively small and low on your neck, you can conceal the bruise with a high collar.

Grab a turtleneck or a high-collared blouse and you won’t have to worry. Your hickey should be perfectly hidden from sight.

Have you ever tried any of these methods to get rid of a hickey?

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