This Simple Tutorial Will Teach You How To Do A Dutch Braid In No Time

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

If you don’t know how to Dutch braid your hair, you’re missing out on a whole entire world of hairstyle opportunities!

I, myself, have to admit that I only ever learned how to do a regular braid. While I used that braid knowledge with abandon, showing off how quickly I could braid a friendship bracelet in elementary school, and braiding my whole head in tiny strands to sleep on at night so my hair would be nice and crimped in the ’90s… I never moved beyond the basics.

Today’s the day, people. Today is the day that I learn how to do a Dutch braid.

If you’re like me and have gone through your whole life saying, “I’ll teach myself some other time,” or “I don’t really need to know how to Dutch braid,” why not switch over to a can-do attitude and learn with me?

It will only take a few short minutes to watch and learn, and you’ll have a new skill in your back pocket. Instead of tossing your hair into a ponytail in the morning, you’ll be able to have a beautiful Dutch braid falling down your back.

If you have sisters or daughters, learning how to do this slightly more complicated braid will be a fun new way to bond, too. Didn’t you ever play with your mom’s hair when you were a little one?

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