No One Can Agree On The ‘Right Way’ To Slice Toast After Simple Photo Is Shared On Twitter

by Kate Taylor
Kate is a writer who laughs at her own jokes and likes to pour too much hot sauce on her food.

Toast is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Somehow, a minute in the toaster can transform an ordinary piece of bread into a party in your mouth — especially if there is some butter involved.

Most importantly, toast is the kind of thing that even the most domestically challenged of us can make.

In fact, we’ve probably been making toast so long that we don’t even think about how we make it, or more specifically, how we cut it.

However, a recent message on Twitter by British college bar Hallam Nation recently sparked some serious debate about the right way to cut toast.

If you never even thought about there being a right or wrong way to cut toast, you’re not alone.

That said, there are a number of people who feel quite passionately about this highly important matter after seeing the example Hallam Nation gave.

The Tweet offered three options that seem to suggest not all toast is cut equally.

When your bread pops out of the toaster, how do you cut it?

The folks at Hallam Nation have narrowed down three options for local students (and now the rest of the internet) to choose from.

A quick Google search reveals that the most popular way to cut toast in stock photos is diagonally, like a triangle.

There are plenty of folks who prefer to do without the crusts.

However, Hallam Nation didn’t need to overcomplicate things. Their three options were enough to seriously divide opinion.

As expected, there was a lot of support for the triangle technique.

For some reason, it does just look more like actual toast when it’s cut this way.

However, this user does make a point for anyone who likes things “just so.”

No doubt asymmetric toast would have started a riot.

Of course, some users are making snap judgments about the mental health of certain toast cutters.

Others are comparing toast to heinous crimes.

I told you, it got heated.

Something also tells me that there will be no kind words or love for this individual who doesn’t cut her toast at all.

So, have you changed your mind about how you’d cut this toasty slice of bread?

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