How To Clean A Mattress — It’s Easier Than You May Think

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Considering the fact we spend nearly one-third of our lives sleeping on a mattress, you’d think mattress maintenance would be a bigger priority for the clean freaks in all of us.

But, as Melissa Maker says in the awesome video below, “It’s not like there’s a zipper and you can simply unzip the cover and throw it into the washing machine,” Melissa says. “Once we pull all the sheets off, we tend to turn a blind eye to whatever nastiness might live atop the mattress itself.”

You’re about to learn a whole lot more about your beloved mattress, and how to keep it clean and fresh using safe, natural, and simple techniques. “Mattresses can harbor spills, stains, dirt, dust, dust mites and worse — so, maintaining a clean mattress is important for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that your partially clothed body is lying on top of it with only a sheet separating you,” Melissa says.

The tip I love the most is how to deodorize your mattress by sifting baking soda over top. Baking soda and a few drops of essential oils make the perfect natural deodorizers, so a combination will help neutralize any odors. Other tips in this video include how to vacuum a mattress to remove dust and debris, removing the “protein” stains that typically end up on your mattress, and turning/flipping your mattress so it will wear evenly.

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