Dad Makes A Hilarious Video Tutorial On How To Build A Castle For Your Kids

by Ana Luisa Suarez
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Dads of little girls tend to get the task of building or buying their daughter a castle.

Every little girl is her father’s princess!

So it is only fitting that each princess is given a castle to spend her royal days playing away in. But what if you’re on a budget? Or what if you could not build anything even in order to save your life?

Not every little girl needs a pink, glittery castle! Some children are more than happy to use their imagination to make their castle extra special. Only a true princess can make the most of any castle she rules over!

The creative mastermind behind How To Dad is back with a new video on how to build a castle for your child!

Your supplies can all be found in the yard, which is where you’re going to build.

Using garbage cans, a random piece of wood, and a high chair, this dad makes a hilarious attempt at a castle! His daughter even tosses in a Game of Thrones reference to make the castle complete.

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