Repurpose Your Old Wooden Stair Balusters To Build A Shabby Chic Boot Stand

by Kristin Avery
Kristin shares a Chicago home with a dog, a rabbit, two cats, a husband, and an 11-year-old daughter.

I’m not a DIY person – like not at all. Truthfully, I start lots of projects and never finish them. For me, the fun part is going to a craft store and buying a bunch of supplies I will never use. There’s a whole sad closet of unfinished DIY craft projects in our basement – kind of like the Island of Misfit Toys only with glue sticks and rubber stamps.

But you know what I do like? Watching DIY videos! Really I do – because there’s always the possibility that I might actually make one of these fun, clever projects. A girl can dream, right?

The project in this video has two things I love – recycled materials and boots. This shabby chic boot stand is made from old stair balusters and would look great on a front porch or in an entrance foyer. It’s adorable, functional, and a perfect way to protect your floors from salt, snow, and mud.

The step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to follow. Though the project does require some basic tools and building skills. Watch for yourself and see what you think! If I could find someone to take care of the sawing, I am pretty sure I could handle the painting. Maybe!

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Image Source: Flickr / claire rowland

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