Woman Opens Her Front Door, But Gasps And Backs Away When She Sees A Swarm Of Puppies

by Nicole Cannizzaro
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Nellie and Bryce Jurgy are an adventure-vlogging couple that takes pride in living their life to the fullest.

They share these adventures on social media with hopes of inspiring others. Additionally, they like to bury a “treasure” during their travels each week. After their video blogs go up, their treasures are usually found within a day!

If you ask me, one of their best little adventures actually happened in the comfort of their own home.

When Nellie was at work, Bryce decided to make her dreams come true by filling up their house with puppies!

Clearly, he knows that after she sees these adorable furry babies, she’s not going to want to go back to work.

That’s exactly what she says after opening the door and seeing them swarm around her feet.

This moment is absolutely priceless, and I can imagine Nellie did not return to work that day.

Thankfully, this couple was already thinking of getting a puppy, so I hope she gets to keep at least one of these cuties!

You can keep up with the Jurgys on their channels below, and let us know which adventures are your favorite in the comments!

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Video Credit: The Jurgys, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

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