Family’s Home Becomes Encased In 4 Feet Of Frozen-Solid Ice After Crazy Wind Storm

by Amy Paige
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Maureen Whelan of upstate New York heard about a severe windstorm that swept across the edge of Lake Ontario… which happens to be where her family’s summer shoreline house (which has been used by her family for the past 85 years) is located.

The winds reached speeds of 80 mph, so Maureen was instantly concerned about the property. She and her family made the drive to Lake Ontario to see the damage, if any, left by the freezing temperatures and forceful winds.

Nothing prepared the Whelan family for what they discovered as they pulled up to their vacation home — because it was completely encased in 4 feet of frozen-solid ice.

The wind was so strong and the waves were so massive that the frigid lake water had blown up and onto the exterior of the home, where it froze in place.

This all happened despite the fact Maureen’s house is 50 feet from the shoreline and protected by a seawall, and their neighbors’ homes were barely impacted by the storm at all!

Maureen says she expects an exhaustive cleanup. She’s even considering bringing in a bulldozer to break up and clear the blocks of ice.

When the ice melts, there could be massive structural damage. Check it out in the video below.

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