Woman Enters House Of Horrors To Find Filthy Child In Closet And Recognizes Her From Day Care

by June Rivers
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A woman recently told police she was worried about her 5-year-old granddaughter. She asked the authorities to conduct a welfare check at the child’s home in North Carolina.

Police asked Tracy Harrell, owner of a local day care center, to accompany them to the house. They hoped the little girl would see a familiar face and feel comforted by her presence.

This one simple idea turned out to be a pivotal part of the investigation.

When police arrived with Tracy, it looked like no one was home. So, they called the girl’s name from outside… and could hear her responding, saying she needed help.

After getting into the house through a front porch window, Tracy was shocked and horrified by what she saw.

There, locked inside a small closet, was the poor little girl. She was covered in dirt and couldn’t remember the last time she ate. Though her face was covered in black filth, Tracy instantly recognized her as a sweet and bright-eyed girl who once attended her day care.

“Little blonde curls and the big blue eyes,” she told WGHP. “There was never a day when she left and she wouldn’t say, ‘I love you miss Tracy.’”

As soon as the little girl was freed from the closet, she ran straight into Tracy’s arms. Their bond was instant and the police department’s call to bring Tracy along was spot-on.

Watch the video below to see how this harrowing rescue unfolded. Thank God this child is now in safe hands.

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Footage provided by WGHP Greensboro

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