Teacher Says Hotel Kicked Her Family Out For Getting Up Too Early

by Amy P
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Joy Heath’s home in Memphis, Tennessee, is currently undergoing some big renovations. Since the repairs made it nearly impossible for Joy and her family to walk freely inside the house, she decided to take her parents and two young kids and check into a hotel.

Joy is a teacher, so her day starts early. She gets up around 4:30 in the morning, takes her kids to day care, and gets to work at 7 a.m.

The first night at the hotel went fine. On their second day, however, Joy and her father both left for work early as usual — but the second they left, the front desk called the room.

Joy’s mom — who had a foot injury and was limping around in a cast — answered the phone.

The staff member said other guests were complaining about noisy footsteps coming from their suite, and that it was too early in the morning.

Joy’s mom went down to the front desk to speak with the staff in person and explain their situation.

When Joy heard what the hotel staff did next, she was absolutely shocked.

Footage provided by WREG Memphis

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