Woman Gives Birth Into Hotel Toilet Just Hours After Doctor Confirms Negative Pregnancy Test

by Amy Paige
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Stacey, 25, spent a few hours at a Harry Potter convention in the UK. Later on, she ended up going to the doctor for back pain she attributed to her busy and tiring day at the event.

That evening, Stacey’s friend called 911 in a panic. The phone call and the unexpected circumstances around it were documented in an episode of the BBC reality series, Ambulance.

“My friend, she’s not been well all day and then she’s literally just had a baby,” Stacey’s friend told the dispatcher. “It’s crying and it’s screaming and everything.”

Jon, the advanced paramedic being followed by the reality show’s camera crew, drove over to the Britannia Hotel.

There, he found Stacey sitting on the toilet in her hotel room.

She was surrounded by a pool of blood, with a shocked and dazed expression on her face and a tiny newborn baby in her arms.

Stacey had just given birth on the toilet — and she had no idea she was even pregnant!

“I’ve had like really bad back pain, the next thing I know I’m pushing, and then I can feel like a head on me,” she told Jon.

After Stacey pulled the baby out from the toilet, she placed her into the sink and finally heard her cries.

Jon cut the umbilical cord right there in the hotel room and rushed both mother and baby to the hospital. Doctors said Stacey had suffered postpartum hemorrhage, but would be OK.

As it turned out, Stacey had taken a pregnancy test earlier that day when she’d visited the doctor — and was told it had come back negative …

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