Wife Outraged By ‘Grimy’ Hotel Room Writes Bad Review Online So Owner Tells Her To Go On A Diet

by Ann-Sophie Kaemmerle
Native New Yorker, University of Virginia graduate, runner, and sometimes stand-up performer.

Staying in a hotel while on vacation is meant to be a pleasant experience. There is no need to clean, cook, or do any kind of chore. It’s supposed to be a relaxing, stress-free environment that caters to guests’ needs.

But for Emily Chance and her husband Michael, this wasn’t the case. They were staying at the Nelcon Hotel in Blackpool, England, celebrating their second wedding anniversary — but the experience was anything but pleasurable.

The pair say that the hotel was dirty and grimy, and they suspected that the sheets hadn’t been changed since the room’s last occupant. They stayed in the room anyway, as they had already paid the booking fee.

Upon returning home, though, Emily decided to leave a negative review of her and her husband’s stay. She didn’t expect a response from the hotel owner, and especially not a nasty one.

In a 41-word message, the owner told her that she “must hate everything and everyone” and that she should be put on a diet.

Emily couldn’t believe how personal the insult was, calling it “unprofessional.” She says that she was simply giving an honest account of her stay, but the owner of the hotel is claiming that she is lying.

Of course, it’s never fair to attack someone’s appearance. Hopefully, the truth will be exposed soon!

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