‘Hot Jafar’ In Disney’s Live-Action ‘Aladdin’ Remake Has Twitter Rallying Around The Villain

by Angela Andaloro

Live-action Disney remakes have been all the rage the past few years. The movies are still kid-friendly while offering some serious nostalgia for adults.

One of the live-action remakes Disney currently has in the works is Aladdin. The 1992 animated version is a beloved classic, so people had their eyes on this one to see what Disney would do. The world recently got its first look at the cast of Aladdin in character, and people have shared varying opinions on Naomi Scott’s Jasmine, Mena Massoud’s Aladdin, and Will Smith’s Genie roles. However, it’s the public opinion on the film’s villain, Jafar, that seems to have surprised many.

If you remember what Jafar looked like in the animated version of Aladdin, you probably weren’t expecting much from the live-action version. But when people got their first look at Marwan Kenzari’s Jafar, suddenly the bad guy seemed pretty sweet. Fans of Aladdin were so impressed that he earned himself a new nickname: Hot Jafar.

If you saw Disney’s 1992 animated movie Aladdin, you’d remember Jafar looking like this.

Recently, Entertainment Weekly took a behind-the-scenes look at the live-action remake of Aladdin.

The reviews on what we’ve seen so far were mixed. Many people were outraged about Will Smith’s Genie not being blue, for example.

A lot of the cast is unfamiliar to American audiences, so fans took a closer look at some of the actors. It was then that Marwan Kenzari, who plays Jafar, stole the spotlight away from everyone else.

Twitter was ahead of the curve when it came to Marwan, as it often is. A closer look revealed that the Dutch actor has quite the sculpted body.

The reactions to Jafar’s attractiveness are absolutely hilarious.

There were countless jokes about how good a bad guy could look.

With a whole new world full of people who are #TeamJafar, some questioned whether it would impact the film’s plot.

Even though many people approved of Jafar’s glow up in the live-action film, there were some people who weren’t here for it. After all, there’s not supposed to be anything appealing about the bad guy. Right?

Real fans of the movie remember the terror that filled their hearts when they saw how evil Jafar was. It’s not exactly the sentiment they’re getting from first looks at the new Jafar.

From the looks of it, no one’s buying that Jasmine would turn down this Jafar.

The Sultan trying to marry Princess Jasmine off to a hideous, cruel man was a hard sell. But there are be a lot of people who think that Marwan’s chiseled abs might change her mind.

Many people have also mentioned the scene where Jasmine feigns interest in Jafar to distract him so he doesn’t see Aladdin. The whole pretending thing seems to be much less of a stretch with 2019 Aladdin.

If this debate is anything like Twitter’s explosion over “Hot Kylo Ren,” it will continue past the movie’s release. Whose side are we supposed to be on again?