Make Beautiful Art With Crayons And A Hot Glue Gun

by Cassandra Morris
Cassandra is the Senior Editor of Original Content. She loves sweet tea, binge-watching Antiques Roadshow, and petting puppies.

When I bought my first glue gun, I was convinced that I’d never find any use for it — but a few years later?

Oh, how wrong I was!

From quick repairs to long-term solutions — like helping to keep those slippery tank tops in place for good — glue guns are some of the handiest craft supplies ever invented.

But recently, I learned that glue guns aren’t limited to purely practical uses. With just a few everyday supplies, they can also be used to create some amazing at-home art!

Inspired to find some artistic ways to use my trusty glue gun, I came across this incredible little DIY project — and I instantly fell in love!

Not only is this the perfect way to dress up bland walls and empty spaces, but it’s also a great craft to do with smaller children. It’s safe, easy, and very entertaining.

To make this unique piece of art, all you’ll need are the following supplies:

  • Glue gun
  • Crayons
  • Blank canvas

In just a few dribbles — which can be made carefully or spontaneously, depending on your style — you’ll have a lovely piece of handmade art!

Do you have any clever uses for hot glue guns? Let us know in the comments below, and please SHARE!

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