Boy Wears Hot Dog Costume On Picture Day By Accident, School Lets Him Turn It Into A Tradition

by Amy Paige
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A couple years back, Camden Beck woke up and started getting ready for his first-grade school pictures in Muskegon, Michigan.

He walked downstairs in three different dress shirts. His mom gently suggested he wear only one of them, especially since it was hot that day.

But Camden can be a stubborn kid, and he also loves dressing up and being something else — even if it’s an inanimate object.

Camden grew frustrated while going back and forth with his mom Lisa over his picture day outfit, so he decided to throw a little wrench into the already hectic day.

Instead of changing into proper clothes, Camden disappeared back into his room and emerged downstairs again, this time wearing a full-body hot dog costume.

Camden and his mom spent the next 20 minutes arguing over the costume. Realizing they were going to be late for school, Lisa conceded and let him wear the hot dog.

“I don’t care. He’ll change his mind when he gets to school,” Lisa said to herself. “It will be fine.”

Later that day, Camden told Lisa he wanted reshoots. She basically told him that he’d made his bed, and now he had to lie in it.

But that was then and this is now … and Camden’s picture day costume, which began by accident, suddenly turned into a tradition at his school.

Footage provided by WXMI Grand Rapids

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