Tie An Old Can To A Paper Lantern, Then Hang From The Ceiling For A Hot-Air Balloon Night Light

by Caroline Hockenbury
Caroline is an editorial intern who enjoys running, making origami, and beatboxing (simultaneously).

Are you afraid of the dark?

Luckily, most people grow out of their fear of darkness by the time they become adults.

But for many kids, the lack of light at nighttime can feel really scary. It’s for this reason that most children use some type of comfort object to help them sleep through the night.

Some opt for soft baby blankets or cuddly stuffed animals. Others prefer glowing night lights that softly illuminate their bedrooms — like this beautiful hot-air balloon night light!

This gorgeous craft incorporates a stuffed animal, aluminum can, and paper lantern into one stunning light. Simply hang the craft from the ceiling and flick on the light switch to give your child’s bedroom a soothing glow.

Take a look at the materials and directions below to learn how to make this dazzling night light. Then, watch the attached video for more in-depth instructions. Will you give this amazing DIY project a try?


  • aluminum can
  • decorative tape
  • scissors
  • nail
  • string
  • paper lantern
  • light bulb
  • stuffed animal
  • cotton balls (optional)


  1. Decorate a clean aluminum can with colorful tape.
  2. Using a nail or other pointed tool, punch four holes around the mouth of the can.
  3. Cut four strands of string, and loop them through each of the four holes. Knot the string on the inside of the can.
  4. Attach the can to a paper lantern using the string.
  5. Cut two more pieces of string that fit around the circumference of the lantern.
  6. Create decorative garlands by folding pieces of tape over the string. Using scissors, cut the tape strips into tiny, flag-like triangles.
  7. Insert a light bulb into the top of the lantern. Fasten it in place using the metal hooks at the opening.
  8. Place a stuffed animal in the aluminum can to resemble a hot-air balloon passenger.
  9. Hang the lantern, then turn on the light. For an added touch, make clouds out of cotton balls and stick them on the nearest wall.

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