Hospital Staff Line Hallway To Pay Organ Donor Respect Before He Dies And He Lets Them Film It

by Amy Paige
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Doctors at St. Luke’s Boise Medical Center in Idaho wheeled a 53-year-old man from intensive care to the operating room.

As the team wheeled him through the building, something incredible took place inside the hospital.

That’s because the man, who was about to be taken off life support, was also an organ donor.

You see, every hospital under the St. Luke’s umbrella has a tradition. Whenever someone is about to donate organs, any and all available staff lines the hallways. During this “Walk of Respect,”  patients and their families are given the send-offs they so deserve.

After the Walk of Respect, the man was taken off life support and died. His organs were then donated to the Pacific Northwest Transplant Bank.

Before he died, his family allowed the staff to film the tear-jerking goodbye.

“It’s just a way we can honor the family who has made a difficult decision,” said the St. Luke’s spokeswoman. “The family said it was just one of the most special things.”

Now it seems other hospitals are feeling inspired to honor these heroic patients in similar ways.

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