Determined Rescuers Free Wild Horse Stuck In Muddy Pond And Abandoned For 5 Hours

by Amy Paige
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Group members from the Help Alberta Wildies Society (HAWS) ventured out to search for newborn foals in Alberta, Canada, when they came upon a heartbreaking sight.

They spotted a young wild horse stuck in a muddy bog, struggling to drag itself out of the 6-foot-deep hole.

If anyone was meant to find this helpless creature, it was this group of passionate animal lovers.

They concluded that the filly would have originally been with its herd — who seemingly left her behind and abandoned her after she fell into the hole.

Making matters even more difficult was the fact there was slippery ice around the edges of the bog; she just couldn’t get her bearings.

But time was running out, and she was growing more exhausted by the minute.

For nearly an hour, the group worked tirelessly to save the horse using their ATVs and a bunch of ropes. When they finally pulled her out, they could tell she was exhausted and starving — but instead of running away from her heroes, she stuck around.

“She knew we were trying to help her,” one of the rescuers told CBC News.

Watch the dramatic rescue in the video below. These people are absolute heroes!

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