He Shines A Light In This Abandoned Tunnel. What He Sees? UNBELIEVABLE.

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

No living creature should have to live inside a nightmare such as this.

Hope For Paws and Rescue From The Hart teamed up to save Bitty, a discarded dog who spent his life treated like trash.

He found a hiding place in a dark, decrepit sewer tunnel.

Annie from Rescue From The Hart told us, “When we received the call for help, we were told that there had originally been two dogs, but one drowned earlier in the day during a rainstorm. With another storm on it’s way, we rushed to the location to try and save Bitty in time.”

Bitty was so petrified that his nails scratched along the cement walls of the tunnel to avoid being touched. His paws were filthy and black, and his hair was wet and matted.

But finally, the team was able to get Bitty in the car safely, and back to safety before the storm.

Bitty’s transformation from scared to loving is so incredibly heartwarming. It didn’t take long to see his warm heart and gentle personality shine through. Fed, rested and clean, he’s now gearing up for his forever home through The Forgotten Dog Foundation.

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