Homeless Dog Living In A Trench Finally Gets His Second Chance

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

Hope for Paws is back with a brand new rescue video — and by the end, I was a puddle of tears. Angelo was a homeless chihuahua who was forced to live in a narrow trench next to a biohazard disposal company.

The air was thick with dust and cobwebs; it was treacherous territory, and certainly no place for a poor, tiny dog like Angelo.

On the first day of the rescue, the two-year-old dog was so terrified of humans that he managed to bite Eldad, then escape through a tiny hole in the fence. On the second day, however, Eldad and Lisa decided to change their tactics. After a few stressful minutes, Angelo was finally in safe hands! Though he had fallen ill from living in such a hazardous environment, his heroes took him to the hospital, got him great medical care, and finally showed him what it was like to be loved.

Wait until you see Angelo’s transformation by the end of the video. When I saw his new best friend at 3:23, my heart was full of love. It’s a beautiful, unexpected moment. If you would like to meet or adopt Angelo, please contact Shelter Hope Pet Shop at Janss MarketPlace, Thousand Oaks. They are fostering him and will handle his adoption.

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