Learn How To Easily Create A Smokey Look On Hooded Eyes

by Grace Eire
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It’s hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong when it comes to applying makeup. So many trends come and go that it’s hard to keep up with what the newest way to look your best really is.

But, each person needs to adapt their makeup routine to their own needs. The fact that we’re all so different is really incredible, but it can also make achieving the perfect look a bit difficult.

For example, directions for a smokey eye might seem quite straightforward: follow the crease with one color, blend at this arch, etc. But, even if you follow those instructions to a tee, you might still end up with something completely different from the picture on the tutorial.

In this case, professional makeup artist Lisa Eldridge wants to show you how to create a smokey eye if you have hooded eyes.

But what does it mean to have hooded eyes?

It’s when the skin above the crease of your eyelid comes down close to your lash line. Hooded eyes can be genetic, or they can appear with age. Regardless of how you came to have hooded eyes, this tutorial will show you how to create a stunning smokey eye.

When Eldridge is all finished with Stachia’s smokey eye? I can’t believe the difference. It’s as if 10 years were wiped clean!

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