10 Heartwarming Ways To Honor Your Dog When She Passes Away

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

It’s never easy to say goodbye to a pet who has become as much a part of your family as any of the humans, but these heartwarming ways to honor a dog who passed away may help to soothe the pain slightly.

Unfortunately, it’s something most pet owners have dealt with at least once, while spending their lives with a four-legged friend by their side.

I remember when my childhood dog crossed the rainbow bridge after making it all the way to 17 years old, and how devastated I was to not have him there when I needed his comfort the most.

If you’re lucky, you have enough time before they finally pass to make a few extra memories.

I wish I had thought to look up something like this back then.

I’m also totally kicking myself for not holding on to his tags for the simple idea in #5.

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1. Have A Funeral

funeral flowers

There is absolutely no shame in wanting to give your four-legged friend a proper goodbye, just as you would for any other beloved family member.

You can find plenty of facilities that offer services, or you can hold a gathering in your home, sharing stories with friends who loved the pooch too.

2. Immortalize Them In Ink

dog tattoo

Whether it’s a portrait, just their name, or a reference only you understand, this is a great way to keep that connection close to your heart forever.

3. Build A Memorial Stone In The Backyard

dog gravestone

It doesn’t have to be quite as ornate as this headstone, but a headstone can be the perfect way to remember all the times your pooch spent running around, having fun, playing with you.

4. Donate To A Shelter In Their Name

animal shelter

Donating to a shelter can be especially fulfilling if it happens to be the same shelter from which you first got your pup. You may find that this really helps the healing process.

5. Turn Their Tag Into A Keychain

dog collar tag

The name tag they wore on their collar can easily be transferred over to your keys, keeping a tangible memory by your side at all times.

6. Share The Love

dog with frisbee

Stock up on whatever toys your dog loved the most, like a Frisbee or tennis balls, and share them at a dog park or shelter with a message about what made your pup so special.

7. Have A Unique Portrait Made

dog portrait

Tons of artists, like Consuelo Okdie, who created the vibrant painting above, specialize in commemorating pets who have passed away. These artists have a real knack for capturing pets’ personalities in their artwork.

8. Write An Obituary

writing dog eulogy

You’ll have to check with your local newspaper on whether or not they can run non-human obits, but even writing out your memories, to keep in a scrapbook or frame with a photo of your pooch, is a sweet option.

9. Plant A Tree With Their Ashes

planting tree for dog

If you decide to cremate the pup, use those ashes to create new life by planting a tree or flowers that you can look at in your yard as a memorial.

10. Turn Them Into A Diamond

diamond ring

If you have the budget for it, you can find several businesses that transform the ashes of pets and loved ones into beautiful diamonds using a process that synthesizes carbon extracted from their remains. The price usually varies by the amount of carats you want, but you know your pup is worth every penny.

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