Couple Remodels Bathroom To Find 23-Year-Old Hidden Message From The Previous Homeowners

by Amy Paige
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Jessica Monney loves a good home project, but her loved ones thought she was crazy when she decided to remodel her bathroom just four weeks before giving birth.

Her husband Alex, however, agreed to give their bathroom the makeover she wanted.

The expecting couple hired a contractor to start the remodel on their home in San Jose, California. But they were surprised when their contractor sent them a series of unexpected photos.

While stripping back the bathroom walls, the contractor discovered a 23-year-old message, accompanied by some old photographs. Back in 1995, the previous homeowners had one hilarious question waiting for whoever found it.

Alex posted the findings on Twitter — where it went viral with hundreds of thousands of likes. “We’re remodeling our bathroom and our contractor just sent us this,” he wrote.

Watch the video below to see how this mystery unfolded…

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