Neighbor Is Fed Up With Heartless Thieves So He Sets A Trap On His Porch And Gets Revenge

by Amy Paige
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Thieves who steal packages off other people’s property are now referred to as “porch pirates,” and they’re more common and determined than ever.

According to Forbes, “Shorr Packaging Corp surveyed 1,000 consumers and found that 31% have had a package stolen, and 41% of those surveyed said they do not buy certain products online because they fear that the items will be stolen if left outside their front door.”

Jaireme Barrow, a resident of Tacoma, Washington, says he’s been the victim of porch pirates dozens of times. He attributes his bad luck to the fact he lives on a busy street, receives frequent online packages, and has a porch that sticks out like a sore thumb.

Jaireme grew so sick and tired of ordering items online and having his deliveries go missing that he decided to take action in an unconventional way.

He rigged a box with a 12-gauge blank shotgun shell that detonates the instant it’s lifted off the porch. Jaireme insists the box is totally harmless — but it emits a very loud and startling noise to scare off potential thieves.

Then it was time to sit back and watch his revenge plot unfold. Using security cameras connected to his front door, Jaireme waited for the would-be robbers to visit his porch.

I was surprised to see just how many people he actually caught on camera — and how many he was able to scare away.

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