Man Accused Of Stealing Money From Homeless Vet’s GoFundMe Arrested On Unrelated Charges

by Madison Vanderberg

Last fall, New Jersey couple Mark D’Amico and Katelyn McClure launched a GoFundMe for Johnny Bobbitt Jr., a local homeless veteran, and raised over $400,000, but when Johnny revealed that he had only received $75,000 from the fundraiser and learned that the couple bought a new BMW and went on several vacations, he worried that they had been dipping into his fund.

The couple claim they withheld his payout because they believed he would spend it on drugs. To date, the couple has not given Bobbitt his entire donation fund.

NBC News then reported that the couple’s lawyers dropped them as clients when they could not provide certain financial documents to defend themselves against the accusations.

The plot continues to thicken, because this week, Mark was arrested on an unrelated traffic warrant charge. The warrant was related to his failure to appear in court in July for a broken taillight issue, driving with a suspended license, and failure to turn over his license. He was taken to Burlington County Jail, where he was held on $500 bail.

To make matters worse, the couple’s lawyers believe they will also be indicted in the GoFundMe scandal. A criminal investigation is underway.

In better news, GoFundMe promised to give Bobbitt the remaining amount of the $400,000 that is owed to him.

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