Homeless Teens Who’ve Aged Out Of Foster Care Now Living In Tiny Homes Across America

by Amy Paige
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Many homeless teens across the country have aged out of the foster care system, leaving them in a state of limbo without the resources or stability young adults require.

Take 19-year-old Carter, for example. His father is incarcerated, and his mother died when he was 10.

Carter started out going from one homeless shelter to another. These days, he’s had to constantly couch-surf, which has given him back problems that are only getting worse.

A warm bed, a roof over his head, and a sense of independence could change everything for someone like Carter.

That’s why more nonprofit organizations across the country, like Pivot, are providing homeless teens transitioning into adulthood with a source of reliable shelter in the form of tiny homes.

Pivot also teaches homeless teens how to do things like cook, shop for groceries, and create and maintain monthly budgets.

So how does this brilliant idea actually work? Watch the video here …

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