Homeless Single Mom Has Nowhere To Go, Then Strangers Give Her A Second Chance

by Emerald Pellot
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Amy Burch had been a young, single mother living on the streets with her daughter. Homeless and desperate to get back on her feet, Amy spent months on a waiting list to get into Sheffield Place, a shelter for women in Kansas City, Missouri.

“The women that go through our program and do well and have jobs and are ready to move on can come and live here for adjusted rent, so they pay about 30 percent of their income,” said Kelly Welch, executive director of Sheffield Place.

Amy enrolled in the program and worked her butt off. She wanted to secure a home and future for her baby girl.

“I literally went into the shelter with the goal of a house,” said Amy. “It’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire life, that the hardest thing I’ve ever done actually paid off.

And that I never have to worry about my daughter not being taken care of.”

After spending over a year in the program, Amy is being rewarded with a new home. The organization spent nearly $100,000 in renovations. Amy and her daughter Adeline were finally able to move in.

“I had to hold the tears back,” the mother said.

Amy works full time now and wants to inspire other mothers struggling to seek help.

“Do not give up — you just can’t. Life is way too short,” she said.

The incredible organization has already given away six homes and plans on giving away 10 more this year.

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