One New Jersey Shelter Is Helping To Provide Refuge For Pregnant, Homeless Teens

by Roxy Garrity
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Four pregnant and homeless girls staying in a New Jersey shelter are all getting engaged to the same man.

Between the ages 14 and 24, their ‘fiancee’ isn’t who you might expect. That’s because these girls are getting engaged to Jesus.

The youngest of the group, Tierney*, was just thirteen when she found out she was pregnant.

“My mom wanted me to get an abortion and I didn’t want to,” said Tierney, who explained that she was left homeless because of her choice. “So my friend helped me get here and I decided to go on with life with my baby.” Due to give birth any day now, she’s happy she made the choice to raise her baby.

Tierney and the other three girls found help at the Several Sources shelter, founded by Kathy Difiore, that served as the inspiration for the Hollywood movie Gimme Shelter starring Vanessa Hudgens. “Several Sources has become a place for people to come who are not wanted initially by their families,” said Difiore. She started Several Sources 34 years ago when she ran away from an abusive ex-husband. Difiore found herself homeless for a short time. Friends and family helped her get a small house when she found a pregnant teen sleeping in a car parked near by. She took the teen in, and ever since that moment, Difiore’s passion has been helping these girls and their babies.

For the first time, Difiore’s throwing an engagement party for the young women who’ve promised to abstain from sex until marriage from this day forward.

Each of the girls wrote a letter to Jesus explaining why they want to spend the rest of their lives with him. Nemesis*, who is 20 years old and pregnant for the first time read, “I commit my spiritual and physical body to you Jesus until the rightful man comes into my life.” Tierney added, “Please guide me to make the right choices for me and my baby for the rest of my life.”

JaQueyah*, a 17-year-old mother, said, “Basically Jesus is teaching me and my girls how to become better women, respect ourselves. That I don’t owe no man anything.”

A year from now if these girls continue to live a chaste lifestyle Kathy’s promised to give them a wedding band.

If you find yourself pregnant and needing assistance, Difiore encourages you to reach out to her and her team at or call the 24-hour helpline 1-800-662-2678.

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*Last names have been omitted to protect the young women in this story

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