Woman Snaps Pic Of Homeless Man Who Saved Dog Abandoned On Highway, Raises $7,000 For Him

by Amy Paige
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Ron Howell has spent the majority of his life standing on the side of the highway in Salt Lake City, holding up a sign for help, panhandling, and picking up garbage.

He had nowhere to go and resorted to sleeping outside underneath the overpass.

In April 2018, a woman stopped her car near Ron. In her hands was a tiny, young Chihuahua she planned to dump along the busy freeway.

“I’m desperate,” she called out. “I can’t take care of it. I got to get rid of it.”

Ron saw what was happening and related to the poor homeless dog. He knew he didn’t have the means to own a pet, but he couldn’t bear to see him hurt or abandoned.

So he rushed over to save the Chihuahua from getting run over. He brought the dog to safety, wrapped him in blankets and kept him warm.

Later that day, a woman named Angel Janes drove by in her car and spotted Ron sitting there, all alone with an adorable puppy curled up in his lap.

She struck up a conversation with Ron. He told her how he’d unexpectedly come to be responsible for this little dog but couldn’t properly care for him.

Angel was so touched by the man’s kindness that she snapped photos of him with the dog and posted them on Facebook.

The post went viral, and soon a local family saw the pup’s photo and instantly fell in love.

Ron was overjoyed when they came to adopt the dog — who they named “Lucky Louie” — and bring him home. It was a happy ending for Louie, and that’s all Ron wanted.

With Lucky Louie in safe hands, Ron returned to panhandling in his usual position by the highway — but those who saw his story online just couldn’t stop thinking about him … and it wasn’t long before nearly $7,000 was raised for him, in addition to a gift given to him underneath the overpass.

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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