Homeless Man Sleeps In Brutal Cold When Pawn Shop Finds His Name On 40-Year-Old Savings Bonds

by Amy Paige
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Chris Mathis took over Jack & Dick’s Pawn Shop in Kansas after his father, the owner, passed away.

While cleaning up and taking inventory, Chris discovered dozens of decades-old savings bonds that had been sitting in the drawers, never cashed.

Chris set out on a selfless mission to return all of the savings bonds to their original owners. While he was successfully able to return many of them, there was one person he just couldn’t track down: a man by the name of Woodrow Wilson Jr., aka Woody.

All Chris could find of Woody was a single mugshot from when he’d been arrested once for loitering. That’s when he sought the help of WGNTV news.

The WGNTV news team learned Woody is a US Army veteran who’d been homeless in Chicago for several years — but he hadn’t been seen in weeks.

After hearing the man was down on his luck and living outside, in the brutally cold Chicago winter, the pawn shop owner was even more desperate to find him. He hoped the savings bonds, which were pawned back in 1980, could help.

Nothing prepared Woody for what happened next.

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Footage provided by WGNTV Chicago

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