Homeless Man Is Caught Changing Single Mom’s Flat Tire While Everyone Else Just Ignores Her

by Amy Paige
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Shuree Michelle figured she was completely out of luck when her tire blew out in the middle of the street in Ogden, Utah.

No one was stopping to see if the single mother needed any help.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, a stranger approached Shuree and asked if she had a spare tire and a jack.

While other passers-by just kept on driving, this one man didn’t hesitate to step in. He got to work quickly, knelt down on the concrete, and proceeded to change Shuree’s tire. He wasn’t looking for attention or recognition, but that’s exactly what he got.

Anna Davidson looked outside the window of Jessie Jean’s café and noticed the act of kindness taking place outside.

For the past 20 years, Anna has run the restaurant alongside her husband, Ron.

It didn’t take long for Anna to recognize the kindhearted homeless man helping Shuree on the street below as a homeless man named Chuck — and she already knows Chuck has a moving story to tell.

So Anna snapped a photo of his good deed and posted it on Facebook, where it went viral. She wanted to send a message to those who may look at people like Chuck and prejudge them based on their appearance and social status.

“I just wanted them to put a face to who they are judging,” Anna told KSTU. “Like, hey, here you go, that’s one of those folks you want us to hide away somewhere where we can’t see them.”

Footage provided by KSTU Salt Lake City

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