Homeless Man In Disbelief When Police Officer Gives Up His Shoes After Noticing His Are Ripped

by Amy Paige
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Police Officer Brian Zagorski has worked on the force for 12 years and says he has never experienced a situation like this before.

Brian was out patrolling his town of Niles, Illinois, when he came upon a homeless man on the street who was literally tripping over his ripped and tattered shoes.

The man was clearly unable to properly walk; the bottoms of his shoes were folding up with every step, and they were missing the soles.

The caring cop initially offered the man a “HOPE” (Helping Other People Everyday) bag. Police officers often hand out these HOPE bags to individuals in need because they are filled with everyday items like blankets and toiletries.

However, the man was hesitant to accept help and politely declined the officer’s offer.

But Brian didn’t stop there. He asked the man what size shoe he wears. Lo and behold, they wore the same size.

That’s when this incredible officer did something so selfless and unexpected that the reluctant and stoic man’s expression instantly changed.

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